Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Music. Again.

Music just seems to be such an integral thing to my identity that sometimes weird things just happen.

Take the other day for instance. I'm in London. There's a TV in the kitchen of the folks house I am staying and it is currently playing breakfast tv. We know how this goes. About five stories on rotation for four hours.

That's not the point.

The current intro music is Florence + the Machine's 'Howl'. It's only about ten seconds, but I can still ID the music.

There's another ad that plays frequently that is for an airline. The theme for it is Muse's 'Feeling Good'. It's about thirty seconds long.

I was watching 'Night at the Museum 2' yesterday. They use Coldplay's 'Life in Technicolour' in the final minute. Spotted this when we were watching the film in the cinema.

Do I know my music too well?

In other news, I broke iPod.

Had been treating it as an ipod, and also as an 80g memory stick from back in the days when Tank the Laptop was around with his 30gig hard drive. Knew that it was going to go wrong one day.

That day was Sunday.

Anyhow, I am slightly missing the days when it was just me and the discman and about fifteen CDs. They weren't fussy and didn't require pushy pushy software. And they didn't suddenly remove all their memory.

It's only when this sort of thing happens that you wish you'd backed up all your data.


  1. I love Tank/Helicopter the laptop, When it turned on, it sounded like it was struggling to take off.

    1. Dad uses it in work now when teaching people how to use laptops. It's still the noisiest.


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