Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures in Newcastle. Part Three - Another Funky Friday

This was another marvelous friday - full of...interesting things. I'm not sure.

I am pretty certain, though, that it's really important to blog about what you saw or did as soon as possible in relation to the event.

For example, Bec and I saw a Meteor Shower on our way to Uni this morning. I don't have any good photos of it because we were driving at the time. But it was rather cool. Really cool. Uber cool, even.

Anyway. This friday was um..not last friday but the one before. It started with the simple mission that went something like 'We are going to a gallery for our friday lecture. Get there at 10am'

We set off at the usual time, still keen to avoid traffic. We turned off en route to pick up a classmate in need of a lift and proceeded to make our way down to the foreshore in the hopes of locating this gallery.

I was mega keen to park somewhere, so we found a parking lot and placed the car quite lovingly into its care. Then we went in search of the gallery. In completely the wrong direction.

There is no feeling quite like finding a map after climbing and descending the steepest hill in Newcastle and going over hill and dale and realising that the car was parked approximately 800 metres from the gallery. We'd travelled probably at least twice that distance, maybe even three times.

It was okay in the end - we got exercised and still arrived on time. The gallery was partly interesting, partly listening to the woman tell us about how these paintings are technically part of Modernism, even though we'd done nothing on them so far. Here or there, the time passed quickly.

I took a photo as we left the gallery, and we were back on the road.

One quick stop at Uni, and we headed home, mildly curioused as to what we'd do.

Enter Glendale.

Glendale Stockland is this massive horseshoe of stores; retail and food and JB-HI FI. No joke, I walked in to that shop a couple days before the last trip home and was like; I think I'm in love. Whooooah.

There was like, CD's everywhere and they were better priced than Sanity at home and there was variety and DVDs and an entire shelf of Anime. Not just one little section. Not just a couple of Naruto DVDs and a Macross Box set that's been there since Macross came out. A whole frikkin shelf!!!

Me and JB HI-FI? We're gonna be good mates. Once I have a reliable source of income. In the meantime, it's nice to wander the aisles, looking at the five million CDs. Have not even ventured into the other side of the store yet - that side sells entertainment systems and stereos. It's exciting.

How about I stop ranting about JB HI-FI and find something else to talk about?

Bec and I were in need of some time to wind down. Things had been hectic and the day had had a couple of disappointments. Either way, I was craving caffeine, so when Bec suggested that we go to Gloria Jeans, she didn't have to twist my arm too far.

From there, we sat down with beverage in hand; Bec had a smoothie of some description, I had my almost-manga coffee. (If Manga Coffee sounds a little otaku-ish odd, I'd suggest going here for the normalspeak version)

From there stemmed a wonderful period of chill. I can't remember too much of the activities, since it was two weeks ago, but there was this gem we uncovered in between me picking up excess sugar packets for later and us watching some kind in a red T-shirt macking it past the shopfront.

This gem?

It's a game.

I remember us talking about parkour and the mood lighting in the shop, but that was about it.

I really enjoyed that coffee.

P.S. Dear Bec, I don't care how much you want to mess up my photos by bombing them. Because I'll post them anyway.

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