Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Backlog: the things I wish I'd told you about

So, henceforth begins the mile-long absent note, or excuse, or list. Anyway. Many things happened last year. I think it was probably the most manic year I have lived yet. So much went down, and there was also a lot that I didn't blog.

So, here's the blog post shortlist of things that happened last year that I didn't post.

The rest of London.

My overseas trip at the start of last year was something insane and unforgettable. I wish I had blogged more of this because it was interesting, amusing. Sometimes slightly terrifying. Like the first couple of days I spent in the city when I kept getting lost. Or the debilitating effects of jet lag. Wait. I've told you about those.

Everything from the Metro in Paris that reeked of urine to the wooden box I bought in Portobello road and got through customs. There was a lot that I could have talked about.

hey, wait. picture = 1000 words. yes?

London in pictures.

Trafalgar Square. Wet on windy days.

Moot is in this picture of an anatomically incorrect lion.
Watch for long enough and you'll see Sora and company.
Flipping enormous door at St. Pauls. Moot is in this picture also.
St. Pauls in all its Baroquian glory.
Graffiti hunt.
Me and Fat Watson at 221b Baker St. I wanted Jude Law.
My mate the Squirrel at Regents Park
Westminster Cloisters
A postcard I sent to a friend. I adjusted it.
Sightings of the TARDIS at Earles Court
Julian the photographer I met at Kyoto gardens. We took photos of the Peacocks.
Said Peafowl and Moot. Moot felt slightly stressed.
Beanbag stack at Camden
Portobello Road
It came after the Strawhenge and Stickhenge.
Bath at Bath
There was the stump of what I hoped was a lime tree in the front yard.
Me and Will.
And this kinda gives away the photo of me and Will.
Stairs at Tooting Bec Underground station. I ran up these.
Peter at Kensington.
Best tree at Kensington.
Look! Muggles replaced the fake wall with another fake wall!

There was more to London. And there's more to the Backlog. I'll do what every other franchise in Hollywood is doing at the moment and create a couple more sequels, not because I am running out of ideas, but because shortly I am heading down to the archery range again and I have to go find my kit. Happy viewing.

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