Thursday, March 7, 2013

Breaking Down the Fourth Wall - Introduction

Rough introduction:

This is my last year of uni. At the end of last year, I found that enrolling for this year had to happen  waaaaay earlier than usual, and that there was a course I could do called 'Directed Studies'. To sum the course up briefly, Directed Studies is the course where you decide the content. You determine the content and then fulfill it.

Now, for those new to the blog, I'm an aspiring costume designer, and a cosplayer on the side. I studied Fine Arts because I thought it would help with the learning-to-design-costumes-bit, but in actual fact it has been more about producing art. Funnily enough.

Sometimes this has worked in my favour, but for the most part, if I wanted to design costumes for uni, I had to think of a way to justify them to fit the design brief we were given. This was fun at times, but also a little tedious. I was, for the most part, basically doing the costumes in my own time and on the side, and they've been getting better, but I haven't been able to properly claim it as my own field of expertise when comparing to other classmates, who actually get paid for their artworks.

And then Directed Studies came along. An opportunity to do something that maybe the university doesn't have as a proper elective. The rest is not quite yet old enough to be called history.

What does that have to do with the price of fish and the title of this blog post?

Tuesday was my first lecture for the class, where we sat, huddled in the AT lecture theatre, also known as the coldest lecture theatre on campus.

Make sure you bring Blue Fire.

Seriously. I'm going to show up there in snow gear one day. Maybe that will get the message across.
Yes, I know that it's nearly impossible to fall asleep in a cold room, but do you think you could ease up a little? I am not friends with cold.

Anyway. Lecture. And have explained to us the nature and documenting business that we'll need to invest in for the subject, so that our lecturers have something to mark at the end of semester. One of the suggestions for marking the research and progress was a blog.

You don't say?

This afternoon, I thought for a bit about whether I wanted to set up a blog that was completely new, annexed onto my main blog (this one) or go and use my DeviantART for the project. I decided on this one, because URL battles are a challenge, and I really, really don't need another website at this present time (next to two blogs, a deviantART and a youtube channel. And a Facebook page.). Plus, all the current readers can be kept up to date with my latest piece of madness!


Anyway. That brings me to the name.
Anyone out there who is aware of stage/dance works and fiddling would recognise the term 'fourth wall'. It's the wall that the audience looks through into the realm of fiction, where the other three walls make up the containing environment for the characters to interact with. But with certain bits of fiction, and at certain times during the fiction, you have a character become aware of the fourth wall.

Wait, let me see if I can find an example.

Words can not express how much I love this movie. Anyway. Skip to 1:05 if you don't feel like sitting through a bunch of snippits from The Emperor's New Groove and having something to giggle at. Although really, I think that those bits are all punchlines. You need to whole joke to have a proper laugh.

1:05-1:22, cool?

Kuzco, at this point, isn't engaging with the narrative. He's directly addressing the fourth wall, and subsequently the audience.

My project, which is about costume-making, kind of works with that. I'm taking established characters from fiction and pulling them through the fourth wall into reality.

Wow. I have been in art school way too long.

That's the theory of it anyway. The practical will look like costumes. And madness too, I suppose.

More info on costumes, ideas and progress later. I've just realised that it's Friday arvo and remembered that I actually wanted to watch the rest of The Emperor's New Groove. Talking llamas, here we come.

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