Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hey everyone.

Uni has been slightly very busy, and although I'm working on a new post at the moment, it just isn't finished yet. I'll tell you all about Jigokucho soon, I promise.

For now, I've been missing the blog. Missing thinking about how to muse on the tendencies and funnies of the mundane and make them interesting and/or amusing enough to talk about.

I don't have a particular theme for this post, so I'll just tell you about a whole lot of things.

Like this album.

In my final year of school, I wrote this story about Nephilim and redemption and determinism versus determination. It was great fun and I made a mix of music to write to that was basically my entire collection of Anberlin, plus (then) Boyfriend's three albums of Linkin Park. I had heavy themes going on. Writing to rock and yelling and metal just seemed to work. Especially when the cave fell in. But hey.

My friend Tiarne and I hung out all the time. I listened to some of her music, and she listened to bits of mine. Tiarne loved Underoath. Pretty sure she still does.

There's a song on this album called 'Too Bright To See, To Loud To Hear' and one of the key lines from it goes something along the lines of

'Good God, can you still get us home?'

The phrase stuck with me as I wrote about the Nephilim, and any time I was nearby Tiarne's ipod and felt that it was alright to pick a track, I'd pick this one. She seemed to tolerate it graciously.

This relates to now because the phrase listed above popped back into my head this afternoon. I had the album on my list of 'music I will buy someday' and on a whim, popped onto iTunes to see how much it was.

Nine bucks later I was revelling in the roaring.

Metal/screamo music is...interesting. I giggle at it sometimes. Once I get a handle for the lyrics I think we'll be mates though. Nothing wrong with trying to expand the musical palette.

Except for Beiber and Rebecca Black. I don't think I'll ever be reconciled to them.

Next topic.

Uni is approaching the big crunch. I've got two weeks left of semester, plus a couple exam weeks that I don't have anything in. It's a bit scary actually - to think that a whole semester is down and...crup. A whole semester is down.

So, crunch looks like 'hey, I've got three practical subjects and I've gotta make it look like I've been getting my arty on (which I have, BTW. It's just not the easiest thing to quantify. I could give them a list of the manga I've read. That could be cool.) and like all I live and breathe for is this subject.'

I'm writing an essay at the moment on viewpoints and white European middle-class men. Fun.

Need sources that I'll pick up from the library either tomorrow or Monday.

There's other bits and pieces too; I'll probably spend the next forty minutes doing something cool like making layout patterns for the Transit project or something. Or maybe I'll just lay flat out on the floor instead and let my guts win the battle against all the MSG I've ingested.

I love Chinese food so much.

In closing, I just want to offer you some old photos from my phone. I'm sure at least one of them would make good story fodder.

Ah, the nostalgia.

I've just had the best idea.

I'll post a stack of random photos from time to time, and if someone asks about one of them, I'll make it the subject of my next post. Sound good?

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