Sunday, May 29, 2011

What to do when your spine says "NO!"

Obviously, you should yell 'no' back at it and throw painkillers until it submits.

It works in theory.

Um, last Monday I had back pain, and then ignored it until Wednesday, when it got to about a seven on the one-to-ten scale. It's Monday again, and I'm waiting for the painkillers to kick in. But aside from that, it's left me kinda useless. The most non-painful state of existence is the 'plank' position, which kinda makes doing anything at all a little difficult.

So for now, I've resigned to browsing Youtube because I'm slightly useless for anything else, and I've run out of Soul Eater (the newest manga I've started reading online. The art style is significantly different from anything I've looked at before but the storyline is a bit out there).

Flavour of the Youtube is Ocarina this time around:

It's nice. And the performing artist here is pretty good.

Anyway, so we're marching into the early arvo and I'm like, 'what could I be doing now?'


This is a state of existence that I'm not used to - sitting, being fully conscious and unable to do just about everything. It's driving me nuts.

Not to mention that today was going to be the 'strut about the old part of Newcastle and look at the English architecture' for Printmaking. Was gonna get the top hat out and everything.
But I might just write some blog posts instead, surf the internet like an attention-deficit squirrel on PCP and get frustrated. Consume more painkillers and write useless blog posts. Like this one!

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