Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't listen to Enya while overtired...

So, the TAFE story thus far goes...

Way too much work in too little time. I've been steadily working on six hours of sleep a night for the last month and a half and still being behind. It sucks. It is beginning to break my mind.

Anyway, I thought that I might write down thoughts as they occurred last night concerning music I was listening to and what was going on around me. Maybe you'll find them amusing, maybe not...

Sitting, wanting to listen to music that wasn't mine - I listen to a lot of music. Earlier in the year a friend lent me a whole stack of CD's - some Cranberries, trance and just about every Enya CD in existance.

I pull out my nine-year-old discman, blow the dust out of it and change the batteries.

By now I'm so tired I know that no matter how much I am pestered, I will fall asleep. It is inevitable, like gravity and natural humiliation for expressing your favour of Owl City. Mum had muttered something somewhere along the line about me choosing to go camping earlier in the week and Dad yells at the mixer we have going.

I am dubious of the cream being whipped since I think it's past the use-by date.

The TV is on. It's so damn loud. Don't want to turn headphones up, because it's Enya and will blow out my headphones. The TV gets louder. By now I'm definitely aware I should be doing work, but the mixer is loud and the TV is getting louder and if Enya gets louder I'll either go delusional or go to sleep.

Wait, I'm already delusional.

The mixer turns off and the TV is now hugely loud. I know Dad won't think to turn the TV down and will find someone to yell at about it instead.

He's yelling, and Enya is singing in a swing-waltz style.

There's insect bites on my elbows and the budgie and peachface are beginning to talk to each other.

Eve is mouthing off at Mum and Prue is wondering how I did the techflats. My eyes are so heavy and there's noise and Enya is still swingwaltzing. Eve is about to burn the pancakes.

The TV is incredibly loud and I am distracted by the sounds of Ernie Gunders' narration and the numbers on my arm.

Inevitably, I pulled this face,

and woke up with red marks on my head.

I gave in and went to bed.

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