Friday, December 31, 2010


Awesome architecture.

Paris is a bit like a dream. You know, one of the ones where someone has a duck on their head and nobody else thinks that there is something wrong with that.

The drive on the wrong side of the road and J-walking is upgraded to an extreme sport. They don't seem to grasp the idea of waiting in a queue.

But they also seem to dig the juxtaposition of homes from the 1600's with 21st century architecture. Their entire modern identity, it seems, pivots around the French Revolution. When they can be bothered, they have some cool graffiti. And they invented parkour.

They like it when you make an effort at some of their words - 'Bon jour', 'Bonsoir', 'merci'.

My phrases of choice are 'Je ne sais pas' ('I don't know'), and 'Je ne parlex Francais' ('I don't speak French')

All in all, it's a busy city. The folks are haughty but still somewhat interested in tourists.

Their coffee is somewhat overrated.

And 'Yoplait petim yum' is NOT FRENCH FOR YUM!

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